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Frequently Asked Question

This is a list of questions and blindspots people have with coaching and consulting.  We want to make this easy for you and your team, because it is all about you!

What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

Executive or Leadership Coaching is a term that includes organizational, business, and corporate coaching. Plainly stated, we help people in business work through work-related (and very often include personal) challenges so they can transform their learning into results that benefit the organization.  We work with individuals and teams, to strengthen their ability to make the right decisions and increase effectiveness.

Who hires an executive coach?

Leaders who are serious about wanting to make changes, but who may need help identify and then staying on the course.  This is not consulting where I come with cookie-cutter solutions that we try to force to fit your need.
This is coaching - I believe you have the best answer inside of you and we all need a little help unearthing it.  I will provide some tools to aid you in the discovery process.  The power of this is you are in the driver seat and control the direction of the coaching so you get the most out of it.  I may offer some recommendations from my experience but in the end, the answers come from you.

What are my credentials?

We take what we do very seriously.  We are a team of coaches with over 40 years of business, organizational dynamics, facilitation, and professional educators.  As such, we are en route to achieving professional certification and have been training at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is the gold standard for coaching.  We coach according to the standards of the ICF.

Dustin Fenton is an Associate Strengths Coach through WeAlign: A Strengths-Based Professional Coaching Firm, and a Certified Guide with GiANT Worldwide

Leadership coach or consultant...what are you?

We are both coach or consultant - we like to think of ourselves as a guide in your journey helping you own the tools and resources to have them be second nature to you. 

We wear both coach and consultant hats comfortably and we will let you know when we are switching hats.  The difference is in the process. 

If we are providing solutions to help you get started in a certain area or leap forward we are being consultants.

If we we are asking non-directive questions to help you gain perspective to find the path forward we are coaching.

We often need both in business and life, a guide to point you toward the way and someone to help you see deeper and further than you thought possible.

Is this just some type of therapy?

No.  Although coaching (and consulting) conversation can feel therapeutic at time, coaching is not a substitute for therapy, counseling, or legal advice.  It may feel therapeutic because we will discover things you have known all along but haven't been able to express or we will develop a solution to the thing that most pangs you or been in a chronic state for so long.

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