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Meet Our Guides

This is about your success.

We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and your business.  We have talented guides who are motivated by your success and your purpose, meet them below.  We are here to see you win and will go above and beyond to make sure that happens.


Dustin Fenton is passionate about helping leaders know they have more in them than they think. As the founder of Piton* Coaching, he has spent 20 years helping leaders move out of their comfort zone and unlock their potential. Dustin got his start as a wilderness guide helping people conquer fears and live life more or less on the edge through rafting trips, teaching people how to rappel and climb, or helping others ‘gourmet’ meals in the backcountry. He earned a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership and is currently certified as a Professional level Coach through the International Coaching Federation, Stakeholder Center Coach, Gallup Strength Coach, Myers-Briggs Coach, and a GiANT Guide.

Currently, Dustin serves business owners, CEOs, and business leaders and their teams all over North America by fighting for their highest possible good. He specializes in helping leaders become clear on what is keeping them from their potential and then taking steps to grow in their influence and have a greater impact. Dustin is keenly aware leaders have four common needs; managing and finding time to do the important work on their business, finding and leading the right people, coming up with a scalable and repeatable business structure, and finding others who are like them because it is lonely at the top. He knows that the best leaders are humble enough to know they have to serve their teams, courageous enough to know they need help to see their blindspots, and disciplined enough to do the work every day to become more intentional in their leadership.


​Dustin is excited to work with and inspired by leaders who know they have a team of people counting on them and are committed to becoming better for the sake of their own team and the communities in which they live. He is honored and humbled to have a small impact on local communities throughout North America and loves supporting those local leaders who are making a huge impact in those places. Dustin desires each of the leaders he has the privilege to work with to become a champion of growth and change inside the organizations they serve.​​


Dustin lives in Spring Hill, TN with his wife and their two kids. They love being outside, riding bikes, playing racket sports, playing soccer, going on hikes, and finding adventures. He is always up for a good book recommendation. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching couples and parents in unlocking their potential in those transformational relationships

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